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Coaching and Tools to Reach your Goals and Enjoy your Life

Science tells us that 50% of our happiness is based on genetics, 10% is based on environment, and 40% is up to us!

Happiness doesn’t mean always feeling good. It means living an overall fulfilling life.

Are you living your potential?

Discover and focus on your strengths, do what lights you up, live your purpose, engage in meaningful relationships, savor the moment, love and accept yourself, be creative, express yourself, enjoy your life, enter flow, be inspired.

Step into the next version of you.


I’m Sarah Morphew. I’m a certified professional coach, trained by master coaches and professors from 3 continents.

In my sessions with clients, we often focus on the science of being happy, creative expression, presence, flow, identifying and moving towards your goals and dreams, developing your strengths, and living a fulfilling life.

I’ve been meditating for 22 years, trained by spiritual teachers and professors from three countries. I’ve taught mindfulness through public schools and to people around the world. As a certified meditation and mindfulness instructor I teach research-based tools for presence, self-regulation, and savoring life’s little moments.

Reasons people hire a coach

• Gain clarity on what you REALLY want and what steps you need to get there so you can step into your potential and live your purpose.

• Get unblocked and unstuck so you can start moving forward in a way that inspires you.

• Take aligned action to move towards your dreams in a way that’s motivating and inspiring, rather than through force or shame.

• Develop your strengths so you can have more impact and do more fulfilling work.

• Strengthen creativity and creative thinking so you can express yourself, speak your truth, and come up with more brilliant ideas.

• Set powerful goals so you’re not just going through the motions without the clarity of a path you’re excited about.

• Visualize your goals and dreams so you get used to that experience NOW, so you know what it feels and looks like, so it becomes easier to create.

• Enjoy the present moment so you can focus, get more done, and savor little moments of joy.

• Enter Flow so you can be more fulfilled in your leisure and work.

• Overcome mindset and limiting beliefs so you can move forward with confidence.

• Decide how you want to feel and then discover ways to create more feelings like peace, joy, freedom, and love.

• Step into your potential so you can BE who you know you’re meant to be.

• Create more fulfillment from your life and career so you can live a life you truly love.

"Don’t go it alone, second-guessing your dream. There is a way to have all you wish for. Coaching can help you have it all. People always say you can’t have it all. Why can’t you? You can retrain your brain. Change perspective. You can have it all."

-Carolyn Jaques, multiple small business owner, Pasadena, CA

How we work

Because I work with people around the world, most sessions are done on Zoom or by phone.

I do not work with active trauma. I’m not a therapist. I don’t heal you. I don’t give you advice. I don’t tell you what to do. I don’t do the work for you.

I believe in you and I believe your dreams are possible.

I believe you already have the answers inside of you.

I collaborate with you, asking you questions to draw those answers out, supporting you, and loving you unconditionally.

I can offer you tools, but you are the one on your journey, you know what’s best for you, you take the action, and you do the work to become who you want to be.

I walk the path alongside you, as a support, trained to ask the questions that allow you to draw upon your own inner-wisdom, and discover for yourself your own truth.

You are the director of your path. You set the agenda. I believe in you. I am here for you.

Peace, freedom, and true fulfillment come from within.

Nothing and nobody will ever give that to us. It's already ours.

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