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You are worthy of your wildest dreams!

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From lack to have, from chaos to calm, from overwhelmed to peace

Seeker, kindred spirit, wild one, welcome home! You are worthy. You are divine. Come; rest your soul.

You already have all that you need. You are a vessel for divine love. Ancient wisdom flows through you, and you shine that light unto the world.

Rejoice! You are standing on Holy ground! Right here, in this moment. Your life is a gift.

YOU are a gift to the world.

You need not worry about what to do or what to say. Trust in divine timing. You are exactly where you need to be.

I am here for you. I offer you my service and my support. I bow down to the Goddess that is within you, and within me, and within us.

Have a seat and REST. You know you deserve it. God is HERE. Right now, in this very moment. Shhh. Listen. Do you hear Her?

I invite you to relax, breathe in joy, breathe in peace, breathe in the Holy Spirit of the divine.

The angels rejoice at your very presence for you are doing the will of God.

You are devoting your life to the divine, and it is impacting the good of all the world (on the Earth and beyond.)

Thank you! Thank you! Thank Goddess for YOU.

How can I support you? What is it that you need? How can you allow yourself to be more of who you already ARE?

I am here for you.

Come home, child. Come home.

I am. I am. I am.

Love. Love. Love.


Imagine being fully present in the moment, savoring little moments that you used to miss.

Imagine being so fulfilled, so full of peace and joy, that you are overflowing to the point that you think you could explode into a million tiny fragments of light, of unconditional love, of divinity.

Imagine being fully and unapologetically you, not worrying what anyone else thinks, free to be who you truly are, free to speak your truth, to live your life, to inspire others simply by being you.

Imagine your relationships growing and flourishing, attracting others who you relate to, who inspire you, who build you up.

Imagine feeling fully at peace, honoring your emotions even when they’re hard, fully allowing them. And then, when you’re ready, coming back to center, to peace.

Imagine finding your joy - already inside you, already waiting for you to simply tap into the magic that is you.

Peace Comes From Within

Hi! I'm Sarah. I used to be afraid to use my voice, to speak my truth, to share who I am with the world. (I literally wouldn’t talk.) Now I speak on stage.

I’ve been a seeker since I was 7, when I wrote a letter to Jesus, asking him to show himself to me and honestly believing he would. (My litter sister found it and made SO much fun of me!) I’ve since seen him many times.

I spent years praying, “Here Am I. Send Me,” and developing myself spiritually. I’ve committed myself as a healer, and as a disciple of LOVE.

I’ve trained for 22 years with spiritual Masters. I’ve also trained with professors in meditation and coaching.

I am magical - and I know it.

I support people as they step into their potential and a new way of Being, as they empower themselves to be who they want to BE, to live a life of true peace, ease, love, joy, and flow, to experience a life of magic, to experience the divine in every day life.

Feel called? Want to know more?

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