Hi! I'm Sarah Morphew. I’m a professional certified coach, photographer, author, and poet.

I’ve been a photographer since I was 16 working with black-and-white film and playing in the darkroom. I began my photography career in Los Angeles at age 21 working for a Master Photographer, photographing hundreds of weddings alongside him and serving as office manager.

After moving to a small town in rural, middle America with my singer-songwriter husband, I opened my own photography studio and began showing my art in local galleries. I ran a years-long project called Storefront Art, where I filled empty storefront windows with art by local artists.

I now work as a professional coach, trained by master coaches and professors from 3 continents. I focus on the science of being happy, creative expression and flow, identifying and moving towards goals and dreams, developing strengths, and living a fulfilling life.

I’ve been meditating for 22 years, trained by spiritual teachers and professors from three countries. I’ve taught mindfulness through public schools and to people around the world. As a certified instructor I teach research-based tools for presence, self-regulation, and savoring life’s little moments.

I’m a published author of the book, Divinity’s Calling, Experiencing the Divine in the Mundane: Poems for the Wild Ones.

I live on an acreage in Iowa, USA with my husband, son, dog, chickens, and fish. I enjoy growing food, walking in the woods, and living life to the fullest.

12 Things About Me


I once photographed a prince’s wedding.


For 22 years I’ve studied meditation, mindfulness, and prayer techniques from some amazing teachers. Several of them are still in my life.


My favorite place in the world is my own backyard.


I’m a certified meditation and mindfulness instructor. I teach this through school districts and organizations, and to individuals around the world.


I started developing black and white film in my high school darkroom.


I love dragons, unicorns, and mythological creatures. My favorite color is purple.


I worked for years as a photographer and office manager for a Master Photographer and Filmmaker in Los Angeles.


I trained for 3 years with ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church of America) and became a Synod Authorized Minister.


After we got married, my husband and I put all of our stuff in storage, moved into our van, and traveled the country playing music.


My favorite family vacation was a trip to Spook Cave, after asking my 5y/o son where he’d go if he could go anywhere in the world. He said, “a cave.”


As a kid, I loved swimming in the Pacific Ocean. Now I swim in Lake Okoboji.


I used to think I was a failure. Then I reframed failure as an opportunity for growth and now I’m proud of my “failures.” (That took a lot of work.)

Giving Back

I volunteer my time and donate to several local and national organizations.

Green packaging

Our portraits and products are made in the USA, and our packaging is made from recycled materials, when possible.